Wednesday, November 19

Day 18 of NaNo

I think the best part about NaNo, is that its not an unattainable goal.

Nor is it a worthless one.

50k sounds like a lot of words.  And it is.  Of course, most novels you read today are two-three times that long, so its a pretty small book.

If you can manage 2-3 hours of writing a day, you can most likely reach the 1667 word goal.  Not kidding, it happens.  Need numbers?

4-6 fifteen minute WW's in 2-3 hours = 1-1.5 hour of writing, not counting if you get in a groove and write between.

350 words, average, per.

x4                                    x6

= 1400 words                  = 2100 words

You may start out a little on the slow side, and you'll have days where you barely write anything, and days when you can't seem to stop.

The best part is, it gets your butt in the seat and focused on writing.  Why?


We all have ideas.  But if you just let it percolate up in your head, its just that.  And idea.  It'll never be a book.

If you don't sit down and write it out, you're going to think its the greatest story ever.  Trust me, it's not.

Not yet at least.  First Drafts are also called Rough Drafts for a reason.  They're crap.  No one, with a brain, writes out their book, spell checks it, and puts it out on the shelf for consumers to buy.

I've heard all the reasons against NaNo, and the truth is that its not for everyone.  Hell, after this I want to keep track of how many words I write per-day.  I want to see what I'm doing.

And btw, I'm not counting my blog words.  ;D

Sorry if this has been a bit... Preachy, but I've met people who get so bogged down in useless details at the start, that they never get anything done.  They rewrite for the wrong reasons, and at the end of the day... There is no story for them to point to and say 'I did this.'

Most of the people I know who write have files upon files that they can point to and say 'I did those.'  Are they all publishable?  Hell know.  But did I write it?  Yes!  I got it out of my head and onto paper.

The next step is the editing, and it can stink.  Why?  Because we think our words are golden.  We know the story!

That's the problem.  We know the story.  I've left things out, because I knew it.  The reader however, doesn't.

If you're not sure NaNo is right for you, try CampNaNo.  You can set a smaller goal and just get yourself into the groove.

Find a local writers group, one that meets up to perhaps critique AND to write.  Trust me, it can be a gold mind to have people around you, writing at the same time.  Perhaps even try to find one online.  I've mentioned before the FB group I'm with that sprints.

We all have lives, other jobs, things that distract us.  But.. To pull a line from Sister Act 2, if all you think about when you get up is writing?  You're meant to be a writer.

So go forth, write, dream, try it out.  Do what you can and don't take any shit.

Kristy C