Tuesday, November 18

Day 17 of NaNo...

Yesterday started pretty bad.

Couldn't seem to wake up, barely managed to feed the cat, before I fell back into bed for a few hours.  When I finally did get it, I was still tired.  :P

And in typical fashion, by 5ish in the evening, I was up and ready to go. You know, for the next few hours, before bedtime called.

Or rather, before I felt tired enough to go to bed, but not out of it enough to actually fall asleep.

Anywho, in NaNo I moved my people out of the 'meet the parents' fun, and am gearing up towards 1 or 2 other things.  I think when I go to edit, I'll have more filling in to do with this book than I did in book 1.  But, we'll see.

I do have a blurb I can share with you, out of context and all that.  ^^

“Shut up, or you’re never gonna escape that path of yellow bricks.” I said, rolling us away as the thing continued to focus on… Me. “Anyone else notice its singular goal?” 
“Maybe, you killed his grandfather?” Blood asked, pushing us apart as it attacked, again. 
“Haven’t been around that long…” I jumped up, kicking it in the head and bouncing off the side of a building. 
What? We’d been practicing a lot more lately. Its good. Builds character. And, team work. My main goal had been to prove we didn’t need that stupid ‘trust building’ weekend. Have I mentioned how not thrilled I am with it? 
“Normal attacks don’t seem to be working on it.” Blade said, using the halberd that was now always around. “Any ideas Researcher?” 
“Tons.” The distorted voice said over the com. “None of them useful right now. Beyond, make it stop.” 
Ok, not helpful right now. We’d have to figure things out. “Lets see if it’ll follow us out of town some. I’d rather it not hurt anyone. Or, anyone who’s not us. I sense we’re gonna get plenty hurt.” 
“Well, it likes you… Maybe wink at it, and show an ankle, so it’ll follow.” I flipped of Blade, who was grinning far to much at that. 
“It could want a date.” Blood offered, earning his own flip off. “Just saying. You could try showing it some ankle.” 
“When we’re done, I’m going to kill both of you.” I said, whistling up at the creature. “Hey, slimey!” 
It didn’t take more than that, for the thing to start pounding toward me. Now, I just had to move faster than it did. Craaaap, this was gonna suck. 
“Hey, you two, how about being useful! Attack it or something!” I swear, they stood there and debated it for a few minutes. Not that I could hear, but Jayden was laughing at them in my ear and I was going to kill a few someones.

:D They're a blast, I'm telling you.

Kristy C