Monday, November 17

Day 16 of NaNo

Did a reverse of the day before.

I started out in bed, then moved back to my living room for a good chunk of time.  Spent about 6 hours writing, wrote just over 5k.  Now, that was several 30min sprints, some writing in between and dinner, dessert making and cat snuggling.

Got past one drama/depressing/all the feels moment, then right into another.

Meeting the Parents.  Never easy.  More so, when one of them doesn't seem to like you from the start.

Still, relationships are getting better, and that's good.  I've got a few more elements for this one, before its finished.  Its sitting just below half of where I'd like it to be, but because I know it'll have some space to grow [more so than the first] I'm not quite as worried about it.

I've got even less of an idea for book three, but I think it'll be more about each of them coming into their powers more strongly.  I'm hoping for the other two hero's to reach a point of going past what's become the norm, and into what they used to be.

Also toyed with the idea of adding someone, but I like the dynamic as it is.

The other day I posted on FB, asking for someone to perhaps beta the first book for me, to see what they thought of it.  Its out with a fellow author and I'm trying not to be antsy over hearing back.  Not an easy task.

At the end of the day, I'm at 63,230, which is AMAZING!!!

Kristy C