Sunday, November 16

Day 15 of NaNo, a blaaargh of a day.

So, yesterday was kinda weird.

I got up late, but that's normal for me.  My sleeping habits seem to be 'wake up about 4 or 5ish, check your phone, play a game on your iPad, then go back to sleep'.

Anywho, after that I got up and got dressed, so it was a little before nine I think, and I remembered I hadn't picked up a perscription yet, and I needed it now.  Went up to chat with dad real quick, ended up watching TV for an hour+ with him.

Picked up the meds, then a 7-11 trip for hot chocolate coffee and snacks, before back home.

At some point, I looked at the clock and it was almost, or just after, 1pm.

It was freaking ONE in the afternoon!!!  I had no clue where the day had gone, but I'd done next to nothing!

Went to do a sprint, and but couldn't focus on... Well, anything.  Decided a nap was needed, since it seems I was in some kind of anxiety attack mode.  Most likely due to the whole 'WHERE HAS THE DAY GONE?!?!?!!' moment.

Two more hours passed, before I got up again and just decided to move into my bedroom for the day.

After a free write, I did some sprints and something in my brain clicked me forward in my story.    Wrote nearly 3k today, even with the loss of most of it, and the anxiety riddleness.

It did end awesomely.

One of the sprint groups got to chatting about tossing ninja's in, then it was ninja monkey's, then ninja monkeys who use bananas for attacks.  And in my weird brain, every time I hear of an attack with a banana, I think of Monty Python.

It turned into twenty minutes of Monty Python quotes back and forth.  :D

Enjoy that, and happy writing!!

Kristy C