Saturday, November 15

Day 14 of NaNo

Acks, sorry this is late.  I kept thinking 'Write your blog post' ans it didn't happen.

Still writing words, which is awesome.  Working on book two of the series, tentatively titled 'The Silent Moon'

Had some epicness in the story, but I'm worried that if I share it with you, you'll know too much about the story as a whole.  So, I can't.

As you know, I've got one short story already out in the world.

On the fence about it? Well, you can stop by WattPad and read the first 10% of the story there.

Wandering Wizard on WattPad

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My current word count is 54,986.  In 24 words, I get to have another piece of pie.  [That's my goal right now.  Every 5k over 50, I get a piece of pie or a treat.  :D ]

The Snarky Moon came to a halt at 29,251 in numbers, so my goal is to make book two about the same length [25-30k].  I'm at 5,351 currently, and while plenty has happened, there's space for more to go on.

Leave a comment if you feel like it, I'd LOVE to hear from my readers.

Kristy C