Friday, November 14

Day 13 of NaNo.... A Frackin' Epic Day

So, yesterday was a pretty amazing day.  If I do say so myself.

My goal had been to list some items, then head out early to get lunch and arrive at the Write In before we started, to pound out some words.

Seems my brain had other ideas.  I started working before leaving, getting a couple hundred words written.  Then, I went straight to the Write In, where I worked on my numbers.  By the time everyone else arrived, I knew it was about 1000 words left to go.  A few WW's, and I did it.

I wrote over 50,000 words, in 13 days.




I still can't believe it.  And, I finished The Snarky Rose.  Well, I finished book ONE.  Yesterday, I figured out the last line and knew that a second book was in the wind.  Which is awesome, since I love the story.  Below, I've got some cover ideas.  They're loose ones, but I'm liking the vibe.

Anywho, I hope to have it out some time next year.  But honestly, I'd like to have book 2 in edits, before I even get that far with book 1.  I may send out a few small pieces, and I have thought about making up a short story collection.

Hows your NaNo going?  Remember, you can't actually lose this race, unless you give up. And that doesn't include life getting in the way, that always comes first.

Kristy C