Thursday, November 13

Day 12 of NaNo...

Holy crap, the emotions.

My story had some HUGE emotional elements today, which made it feel like I was plodding along.  Earlier, I was writing and writing and seemed to be getting no where.

Then my local group did its Virtual Write In, which included several WW's and even though my numbers remained in the 4-500, they started to add up.  Even with the turmoil the characters were facing, I watched in disbelief as one moment I was in the 43,000 range, and the next I was over 45.

Speechless is a good way to put it.

And it kept going.

When I stopped writing last night, I was at 47,789...

0.0 And I had the third highest numbers in our region... By close to 8k!!!

I mean, HOLY CRAP!!!!

One person encouraged me to keep writing, to take the leap, but after having had a panic attack earlier today and dealt with the emotional 'going through the fire' phase of the story, I wasn't ready to face the next part.

So much has to happen, and it's going to be more than I could deal with last night.  [Although, I did go back and end up writing another 1200 words, before knowing I needed to stop.]

Through the rough patches, the emotional struggles the characters tossed at me, and the panic attacks from out of no where, I've kept at this and the best part is... It doesn't feel stressful.  If anything, it feels normal.  Sure, lately I've been a little over the top with some of it, but its just.. Safe and normal to write so much.  And it makes me proud to be a writer, who is finally stretching her wings.