Thursday, October 30

World Series, Panic Attacks and Migraines...

[written at 10pm Wed Night.]

For a few hours today, all three were happening at the same time.  The first and last seem to have passed, but I'm still sitting here feeling tired, with my heart speeding up randomly.

I've done everything I can to calm myself down, since I know it was a mixture of realizing tomorrow's the award show, Saturday's NaNo and my team was in a close battle for the World Series.

1: We won.  I screamed when we made a pretty craptastic error and let the tieing run make it to third.  Then I screamed, even louder, when the Panda made a freaking amazing catch and we won.  Scared the cat doing that too.  Not sure she's forgiven me yet.

2: I know NaNoWriMo will be what it will this year.  I'm writing blind and without purpose, other than to write.  Done it before, I can do it again.

3: The award show... I'm still freaked out about it.  I'm scared I'll win, and I'm nervous I'll feel out of place, and that I don't deserve to be there.  Win or lose, I know its not important.  But I'm scared anyway.

So, there we have it.  Now, I think I'm gonna head to bed.  Ya'll will be reading this in the morning, so I hope your day goes well.  I'm gonna try and take photos of the event and have something to show for it, even if I'm freaked out over it.

Kristy C