Wednesday, October 29


Last few days have been nothing but 'blargh.... I want to nap' after the weekend.  Which is pretty typical for con goers.  We're at the end of the season, but for those of us artist we're also at the start of the Holiday season.

No rest for the wicked.

I've been taking it easy, but plan on getting back into my routine next week.  I've got too much to work on not too. Between NaNo, the Etsy shop and everything, I've got to get busy.

That doesn't mean this will suffer however.  I'm going to work on some more posts and have things ready to send out daily.  Its even in my check-list.  :D

Expect to hear more about my my writing and any sales I've got coming up.  I may even include some blurbs.

Plus, I've been reading a fair amount and I want to review what I read for ya, so there's that too.

Meanwhile, this week is focused on getting better and tomorrow night, when I have the Costume Ball and awards show [aka, the HOLY CRAP event].

How are your lives looking?  Busy, boring, in a calm before the storm?

Kristy C