Wednesday, October 22


Its an easy thing to do, but for some reason hard to keep at.  I've been told to spend 30 min a day being 'active', and this means working out in some fashion.  Not 'go to a gym and spend hours there', but walk, ride a bike, swim... Something.

So, on Monday my friend and I went to the mall and walked 2 miles.  WOO!!!  Then yesterday, she wasn't up to it and I messed up and didn't do anything.  Today, one of her kids stayed home and so she had to cancel again.  I know I need to walk anyway, so I plan on it.  Just sucks and isn't easy.  Blargh.

But, I want to get better and this will freaking help.

>.>  Doesn't help that one of my best friends got to complain that her hips hurt after the running and hills thing she did on Saturday.  I thought not nice things about her.  Still, she was excited and happy about my working out and my two miles.

Well, off I go to get my jaunt in.

Kristy C