Thursday, October 23

When The Muse Hits...

I spent most of my day hanging out in my living room/work space, watching some TV and not doing anything.  Then I glanced over at my supplies and start taking things out, looking around and getting curious.  Out of no where, I get inspiration for some earrings I'd thought of making months ago, but almost given up on.

I call them, Dirty Dice earrings.  :D

Several months ago, I found an old dice game and rifled through them.  I came up with two pairs, then wasn't sure I wanted to make more.
That Was... 
Are You A...

As you can see, I did some style changes for this second batch.  :D  Even managed to worry my best friend a bit with my cryptic phrase...
>.>  I am tempted to try something... I wonder if dad's drill is about for me to use.
While I did explain my idea, she'd already gone to bed [like a sane person.]

Luckily for me, my dad came home a few minutes later and I asked if he had the drill.  Didn't find it, but I did find his much more powerful Dremel.  [Mines great, but weak.]  He then gave me a kick ass clamp thing and I was off to have fun making jewelry.

With a drill.


Sometimes, I love my job.  I got to not only drill word dice, I got to make slightly perverted dirty dice earrings AND watch cartoons while doing it.

I may not make a lot doing this, but how many people can say they love what they do?

Here was my set up... Kick ass, if you ask me.

So, that was my night.  Inspiration hit like a ton of bricks, and I survived.  Now, to take and inventory them for the Con this weekend.

Kristy C