Friday, October 3

Valentines Candy or Boxing Gloves...

So, there's this song from a really good movie called The Happiest Millionaire called Valentines Candy.  The young star of the movie, Cordelia [or Codry as she goes by] has just lost a date with a handsome young man, because her brothers were 'teaching' him how to keep up his guard should she punch him, and instead knocked him out.  So, he left.  Now, our young woman is faced with a problem.  Is she Valentines Candy or Boxing Gloves.

Now, I know all well and good that this story takes place in the early 1900's, and the time it shows means she should be in one world, but isn't.  But I can't help and make comments of 'yes.' whenever she asks if she's meant to be one or the other, because I've felt faced with that same issue for a years.

Even in this modern time, it feels as if you're supposed to fit into one of a few molds.  Girly girl or Tomboy.  You're not supposed to dress up for a tea party, then go play a d20 game after.  Making jewelry while watching Iron Man is a no-no.

A few years ago I was picking up some things at the dollar store and the lady behind me had two little girls with her.  One had a pretty princess jewelry pack, the other a plastic war axe.  I grinned and commented that I wanted both.  I mean, who says you can't have pretty jewelry on while you slay the dragon?  Sure a skirt might make movement a bit hard, but the right type could still be modest AND lovely.

But instead, we're still teaching our young people that you have to fit into some sort of mold.  You can't be diverse and eclectic.

My dad's got an amazing eye for color and enjoys watching decorating shows, design shows and the such with me.  He likes seeing what people can create.  He can't stand the drama, but the inventiveness and the chance to see what's out there intrigues him.  Its because of him that I'm a Klingon-Hobbit who loves listening to musicals, jazz, blues and understands what I do about music.  I think he's where I get my creative eye from.  Nothing against my mom mind you, but her gift was a love of research and dialogue with others, among the tea and other things.

So, when I hear this song it saddens me to think that young people are so stuffed into a box and a mold, when we're each so unique and different.

Below are the lyrics and a Spotify thingy for the song.  And I still recommend the movie to people, because despite those things its a cute film.

Kristy C
Oh, Miss Cordelia Drexel Biddle, I thought I knew you well!
But now, Miss Cordelia Drexel Biddle, I just can't tell.
Are you Valentine candy, or boxing gloves?
Lately you seem very strange... What in the world's coming over you?
Everything's starting to change.
Are you sonnets by Shelley, or rover boys? Once, any answer would do...
Why are you suddenly wondering, which kind of someone are you? I
s a boy meant to spar with, or gaze at a star with?
Should you kiss him, or blacken his eye?
Now if he buys you roses, a right to the nose is really not quite the proper reply...
You're so lost in the middle of in-between.
Is your destiny canvas, or crêpe de Chine?
Will you someday be someone that somebody loves?
Are you Valentine candy... or boxing gloves?