Saturday, October 4

Happily Ever After or Why I Like Action Flicks

Growing up, I've always loved me a good fairy tale.  Something about them just rocks.  Plus, they have the same ending.  Happily ever after.  And I like that in my stories.

Which comes to why I adore action movies.  Good guys fighting bad guys and the good guys always win.

In horror, you tend to have bad guys survive, while the 'good' kids just manage to live to the end.

In drama, you often have lovers who never really talk, and near the end one of them ends of killing themselves.  Or they do talk, but one of them dies anyway.  Most of the time, its just that one of them dies... Only important part.

In comedy, its a crapshoot.  Sometimes you get a good one but all too often, its just bathroom humor and low end comedy.  Not something I enjoy.

In thrillers, you find another crapshoot.  Sometimes they're well made and a good mystery, but other times they're only a little better than a horror film.

And in action films you tend to have good guys and bad guys.  Sure, some of the good ones are doing bad things, but they're also the kind of people with honor.  Not easy to have honor when you're all evil.

Action films can be more horror driven, thriller driven, even comedy driven.  And strong storylines aren't that common.  Most of the time its about the good guys stopping the bad guys from doing something.  During the course of that stopping, fist fights, knife fights, gun fights, car fights and many other types will appear.  Explosions happen, impossible feats of physics...

Then the good guys kick butt and walk/ride off into the sunset, alive to fight another day.

Sure, if the bad guys win you'll see them next time.  Its like Arkham Asylum... A revolving door for the baddies.

A good movie to understand what I'm talking about is a rather bad one called Jake Speed.  Not easy to find, no one very famous is in it.  But no matter how weird the good guy is, he's always good.  Or listen to some Philip Marlow radio shows.  Again, you'll see that kind of person.

They always do what's right.  Sometimes, it goes against the law but those times are for a specific purpose.  Say, a young kid was apart of something and sticking him in jail would do more harm than good.  Our good guy will keep him out of jail, while making sure those guilty are punished.

Please understand, there's nothing wrong with the genres mentioned above.  I just don't enjoy them as often.  Sure, there are exceptions to almost any rule, but for me those are just that... Exceptions.

Kristy C