Thursday, October 2

What Dreams May Come....

We all have dreams in our lives.  A few weeks ago I talked about my childhood dream of owning a bookstore, and how it changed into owning my own business and being an author.  So today, I'm going to talk about a few of my current dreams.  The big, and the small.

I'd love to have my jewelry business stable enough to support me.
I'd like to move out of my fathers house [I'm 32, but he's supporting me and I don't think he's upset.  I made mistakes in the past and am working on a tough road out.]

I'd love to have a simple place to live and work.
I'd love to lose some weight.
I'd really love to be in less pain.

I'd love to have one of my stories turned into a comic book or a graphic novel.
I'd also love to have one turned into a mini-series or a movie, but those are farther down the road.
I'd dream of having my jewelry walk the red carpet at a movie premier or an awards show.
I want my jewelry to be in a movie.  I want there to be a line at the end of the credits saying 'Jewelry provided by Vintage Fusion Jewels'.

And, I want to grow old with my friends and watch their kids grow up.  I want to be their aunt who buys them books and teaches them how to play black jack.  I want to be the person they run away from home too.

I don't think any one of these is more or less important than another, except that last one.  That's the one I don't think I could live without.

What are your dreams? Leave them in the comments, I truly want to know.

Kristy C