Sunday, October 5

New Fall Shows... 1 of...

I've been catching up on the new falls shows this weekend.  That was of course, after discovering that I could watch them on my laptop thanks to Xfinity.  :P  Dur, never thought of that.

Selfie:  I liked it.  Yes, its an obvious modern take on My Fair Lady, but that's also a classic story and one that's easily remakeable.  I'm not sure its got more than a few seasons in it, as they've already hinted too much at the possible relationship between the leads.  ~Shrugs~ I'm sure they'll work it all out.

How to Get Away With Murder:  First off, I love a good murder mystery.  Pretty sure I've mentioned that.  Secondly, this may be the kind of show that has some cast changes every season, which I don't mind too much.  The storytelling in it is pretty cool.  I'm enjoying the way it all unfolds, both past and present.  Often with a sly comment made in the past, that they then show in the present... But expand on as the story goes.  As an example, seeing the people waiting in a car, then seeing the person who was shopping, while they waited, then seeing the other side of a phone call that was placed by the shopper.  As of episode 2, we still don't know what exactly is going on, but we're picking up clues.  Its sort of like starting in the middle of the ending, then jumping back to show how you got there, while advancing the ending.  By the end of the season, I expect we'll have caught up to the present and see it all unfold.

I got half way through Gracepoint, but did a few writing sprints and then got super tired, so I'll try and finish it tomorrow and perhaps another one.

What new shows are you excited about or have you enjoyed?

Kristy C