Monday, October 6

New Fall Shows... 2 of...

Got a chance to watch Gracepoint last night.  Gotta say, what's interesting is that where How to Get Away With Murder is fast paced and jumpy, but in a good way, this one is slower and plodding along.

The difference makes it hard to watch one right after another, but still enjoyable.  I'm gonna keep watching it and see where it goes for now.  I'm fairly hard to please, but having the chance to watch them on my laptop, while I do other things, might be what I need to keep at it.  Also hoping my dad is able to upgrade things next year and I'll perhaps get my own box.

Sadly, most of the shows coming out this year [that I wanna see] are dramas and I can't handle too much in one night.  I'll catch up a on others this week. And I promise to not post it tomorrow.  :D

Kristy C