Monday, October 27

Days 2 & 3 of PAC Con

You have no idea how bad I feel about not getting a post up yesterday.  Something happened to my brain, and I was all 'BLAAAARGH' and forgot a lot of things.

Sorry, no photos to post.  I ended up spacing a lot and didn't get around to photos this time around. However, more than a few friends took some and I may borrow them [with permission and credit] to show of the epicness that happened.

Saturday was pretty good.  I had two panels and enjoyed both of them.  Made several sales of jewelry.  >.> The first few were after I'd left, made me kinda feel like it was me that couldn't sell.

Afterward, I went to Denny's with a friend and had a nice chance to relax and just enjoy things.

Sunday was slower, but still nice. Chatted with people, did some shopping and in general.. Had a blast.

Would I go again?  Not sure.  The booth prices were steep, more so for the area.  Sure, I didn't pay but I kept it in mind while going over if it was a success or not.  While I 'made' money, I didn't make that much.

I am going to look into a few other cons over the next year or so.  I enjoy them as a vendor, and would love to be a panelist as well.

Kristy C