Saturday, October 25

Day 1 of PAC Con Spokane

So, yesterday was the first day of PAC Con here in Spokane.  We set up our booths and had some people go through.  Today's supposed to be the busy day. [Hoping for lots of sales.]  But I've also got 2 panels.

Yesterday, I did my first panel EVER, as a speaker.  Turns out, of the three of us.. Only one had done them before.  I didn't die [YAY!!] and it was pretty fun.  I hope I didn't over talk, since it can be a problem I have.  But the other two seemed to like me well enough, and I'll have both of them in my next two panels.

There was some bad news I only just saw today.  A friend and fellow author's brother passed away a few days ago.  I'd met them both several years ago at SpoCon and likes both.  I know her health has been up and down, but her brother was her rock and it breaks my heart that he's gone.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I'll try and get a post for you about today, and hopefully have some pictures on Monday.

Kristy C