Saturday, October 11

Bah, late post

Had a long night yesterday... Well, a long day in all.  But then, Friday's tend to be long.  Gaming starts at 2, [or, its supposed to...] and I arrive about 1:30ish, to make sure I'm there in time.  And then the first session runs til 6, with an hour break before the second session starts at 7 and goes til 11.

Well, both of my games started late and one ran late, while the other got over early.  Was kinda weird.  Enjoyed both of them, but the gentlemen who GMed the first game had some health issues in the end and had to leave by ambulance.

I'm praying he's ok.  Nice guy.

Our second game.. Well, it turned out all of us had played it and so none of us could play it.  Instead, we did a last minute other game and I played Bruce Wayne. :D  I only picked him of my 20+ level 1's, because my friend said she wanted to play Kyle, her Catwoman character.  Decided I should for sure play Batman right then and there.

Had a BLAST, despite being told I shouldn't have a sword.

Anywho, sorry its late.  I'm gonna get on the ball this weekend and prepare more posts, making sure its not all last minute.  Ya'll deserve better than that.

Kristy C