Friday, October 10

When a story stalls...

I'm working on the Fairy Tale Murders, and the story seemed to be zooming along when tonight...

Nothing.  I reached a place and my muse seemed to pull away.  Something in it feels off and I can't figure out just what that is.  It could be that I'm moving too fast, or that I missed something, or that I'm not letting the story do what it needs and fighting against it.

Either way, I got stalled out of it.

On the plus side, after skipping a sprint I did another and popped out a 830 word, almost complete story... Which I'm going to share some of with you here.  :D

The prompt was 'Dark and Stormy Night' and an Epic Horse... I got the first one in.

Most stories start on dark and stormy nights, because they’re setting the stage for what’s about to happen.  In Erra Lash, its always like that so we’re pretty used to it.  Which is why my story has a different opening line… Besides this one at least… I mean… Oh, you’ll see. 
The sun peeked through the normally darkened skies and smiled down upon our small village.  To date, that had only happened seven times in two hundred years, and only twice was it a good thing.  Both had been when our leader married someone the goddess approved of greatly. 
Any other time she parted the clouds was seen as a sign of her anger at us.  See, Cess was hidden away from us, looking through the clouds to watch our world.  In this way, she could leave us to live as we wanted, with minimal interference.  Only when someone’s sins were so great that even through the cover she could see it, did she part them to dispel justice.

Kristy C