Monday, September 14

Review: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Yesterday I finished reading Dark Places, what I think is the third book by Gillian Flynn.

She's most known for her book Gone Girl, which was also made into a successful movie. So far, it's yet to interest me. But this one did.

Here's what I was left with at the end... "Um... Ok, sure. I can go with that."

No spoilers, but it felt as if the ending was confusing and filled with a 'Wait, what?' thought process. Having had nothing but a simple mention of a person, only to have them take a somewhat larger role in it all, made no sense at all.

And honestly, I don't care what you think you're doing, the choices made by people are crazy to me.

I walked away from the story, not disliking it but sensing that Ms. Flynn had concocted an elaborate scheme that she had to tap dance her way out of.

3 our of 5 stars

Kristy C