Tuesday, September 15

Changing yourself for the wrong reasons

Bored out of my mind one day, I started to watch a TV show called ‘Too Close For Comfort’. It was a short lived sitcom, lasting about 5 seasons. Interesting and all that.

Mom and dad have two college age daughters and are living in a too small apartment in half a house. When the only other tenant moves out, the girls move into it together, giving them some space from mom and dad. 

Anywho, second episode I’ve watched has this guy friend of theirs who is in his 20’s and is a virgin. He talks to the girls dad about his ‘problem’ and how to solve it. Mom then talks to the girls about it, including telling the blond ‘pretty’ one that she’ll have to change how she dresses. No more sexy and tight clothes.

I’m not much of a feminist, but this pissed me off and I did in fact yell at the TV ‘Why the fuck should she change how she’s dressed?’

Honestly, I didn’t care for her clothes, but saying she should change just to keep their male friend, who happens to be searching for a way to ‘fix’ his sexual problem.

I can’t count the ways in which this bothered me.

Now, I’m not talking about breaking a rule and then saying ‘Stupid you, its a bad rule and I’ll do what I want… What do you mean I’m in trouble?'

Stupid rule or not, break it and you can expect to get in trouble.

No, I’m talking about the rules in general. “Girls can’t wear this, guys will get distracted.” “She had it coming, with how she was dressed.” “He was shirtless, asking for me to touch him."

Not being allowed to wear what I want because I may ‘distract’ someone else is bullshit.

Implying that because I wore something, I deserved to be treated badly or have attentions forced upon me is bullshit.

I don’t care what your sex is, if its not your body its off limits without permission. Unless there is a LEGITIMATE reason, what I wear is none of your business.

There are always going to be ‘reasons’, but most won’t be good. Most are nothing more than an excuse to let the culprit transfer blame.


Kristy C