Monday, August 17

Scared Shitless

Two posts in one day, it's is a miracle. 

Tomorrow morning I'll go down town and get my table all set up for WorldCon. And the whole idea of world con scares me to death.

Not because I don't believe I have the talent to be there. Not because I don't think I have the quality to be there. No, The reason this event scares me so much is because it will not be hundreds of people walking past my booth with the potential to be customers, it will be thousands of people. 

This is a big event. It has been held in cities like Tokyo, London, Sydnee and others around the world. And here it is in my own backyard. On top of all the big name companies that had a chance to get their foot in the store I was given an opportunity as well. Nothing I've been to compares to the size of this event.

I think I just needed to get this out into the world. I'm stressed, I'm scared, and I know once everything gets going it'll calm down for me. Once I get into that convention center and take part in this event, I won't be quite so scared. 

Kristy C