Friday, April 24

The Importance of Personal Moral

So, Buzzfeed posted an article about this 1930's 'Single Girls Guide'.

Now, they joked about most of it, but there were several good points that it made. My favorite was this....

Keeping your moral up.

Old fashioned wording aside, its a great point. All too often, we singles are looked down upon as 'unhappy with our lives', even when we're not. But, that doesn't matter to them. We're sad little people who don't have partners and offspring.

And with that, this book encourages the reader to do things that will keep you upbeat and happy. Don't eat a late night snack in the kitchen. Try and set up a tray or something, so you can eat in by a window or just try and sit up at a table to not be 'that lonely person'.

One should also try to go to bed in nice pajama's, feeling and looking good. Also smelling good.

Keep your wardrobe in good order and strive to make yourself presentable at all times. When we dress down, we often feel down.

Now, I know these aren't always doable and there are some dated ideas. But at the same time, I loved how it focused on building yourself up and being positive about your life.

Kristy C