Thursday, April 9

Review: The Rewrite

The Rewrite

I picked this one up rather randomly... Which I'm apt to do sometimes. Anywho, Hugh Grant idn't my fave actor, but I do enjoy him and some of his later pieces. Oddly, the older he's gotten the better he is in the movies... Plays a lot of insufferable asses, but he plays them well.

This story ended up being one that really sparked something in me, as I watched it I saw how well it fits for art in general, and for writing for me.

It spoke to that part of you that fears your a one trick pony, who did one amazing thing and nothing else. Not just your typical story of a guy finally finding the right woman, or a man regaining his own inner strength... It managed to teach the viewer as well, give them a small lesson on dreams, achieving them, what happens next and even after.

Oddly, more than a Rom/Com, I found it something I'd rewatch and most likely learn something new from the next time.

5 outta 5 stars

Kristy C