Thursday, January 15

The Walls In My Path

I was working on some editing today, and came to a conclusion...

My path to being what I think of as a successful author has some big freaking walls between me and the goal.

The first ones were kicked down a few years ago.  Getting me to actually WRITE!

After that, it took a few years and a time pulled away from writing, to finally give me the kick in the ass I needed to take the next step...


Yep, that was a big step. I could get a first draft out, but editing... Not so much. And beyond that, I needed to publish.

So, 2014 was the year I edited and got published.

And since then, I've done plenty of writing, and even some editing.  But you know what?

NOTHING is finished. Ok, a few shorts had a swift 'edit' over them, and have been in magazines and anthologies.  But ACTUAL start to finish stories? Stories with Endings? 1... my Nano, books 1, 2 and 3.. And good lord, they need work.

So, I've set myself a goal, but after 90k in November, I didn't want to do anything in December. I HATED it. Ugh.. No.

Still, I have a goal. I want to have The Charming Line ready to start rolling out by June/July. Not to mention, keep up the stories in Far Horizons AND perhaps work on 1-2 anthologies.

Can I do that?

So far, I've BARELY been able to get through a first edit on Snow's Retelling. Barely... I reached a place, about the time the 'witch' attacks her, and its so freaking bad.. That I'm not just 'changing a few things' I'm full on rewriting.  And at #17 [I bracket and number each edit, so I know where I'm working on and where it is on the paper I write things out] I couldn't do it. Until today. Over two weeks [yes, there was my work week from hell in there, but still.] and I couldn't face it.

Tuesday fellow author M.L. John asked me to sprint with her. I was in the middle of a TV show, and said no.. But, that I would the next day.  My goal?

2-3 thirty minute sprints.

I got mostly 2 done yesterday. M. wasn't able to, due to health issues, but she encouraged me. And I got past that one story.

I realized, this is another wall I have to kick down. Wandering Wizard was newer, more who I am now. Charming Line is 5 years old, and I've grown a lot since then. So, its gonna take some big work... A few rounds of edits, for sure.

My hope is that by realizing this, it'll help me push forward. No promises, but that's my hope.

Kristy C