Thursday, January 1

2015 Resolutions

So, I figured I'd post my 2015 Resolutions here.

They say that making it loud and vocal helps you out.  So, here's mine.

  • Clean up my office/living room enough to make better use of it.
    • Clear out the junk
    • Organize the remaining junk
    • Place for a chair to sit on when relaxing
    • Clear a place for a table, chair, and cat condo
  • Editing stories for publication.
    • By June/July have 'The Charming Line's first 3-5 stories ready for publication, so I can roll them out monthly.
    • Work on short stories for Far Horizons magazine
    • Start work on the Women's Archetype anthology
  • Have a solid $100 in the business account
  • Have a solid $100 in the personal account
  • Have over 600 pieces of jewelry in my inventory.
    • Have as many of them listed in Etsy as I can
    • Close the 'other' stores
    • Do 2-4 shows
  • Lose 25-50 lbs
And there ya have it.  Nothing's too over the top, everything is doable by the end of the year.  So.... Its out in the world, and I'll be placing it in more than one spot too.

Kristy C