Wednesday, December 31

Review: Wings of Arian by Devri Walls

Wings of Arian by Devri Walls

I started reading this book in part, because of my enjoyment of the last book with a lovely man’s bare back on it.  Figured, where could I go wrong?

The story could use at least one or two more rounds of edits. My main thought as I worked through it was ‘This isn’t a GOOD book, not bad… But not good.’  I don’t want you to think this book isn’t worth reading, as I finished it and sought it out to know where it was going next.

The premise is good. A world without evil that’s long fought against a darkness seeks out the two people that could change it all.

I haven’t picked up book two yet, but then I’m broke and haven’t saved up enough for it.  But, its in my folder of ‘To Be Continued’, so I’ll grab it when I can.

The story, like Tristan’s, gets 3.5 stars outta 5.

Kristy C