Thursday, October 16

What happens...

When you get too stressed?  You can't sleep for two nights and end up at the ER getting EKG's, blood work and X-Ray's, because you're hearts racing at times and you're short of breath.

That happened last night.  I actually bumped the post for today to tomorrow to post this.

Turns out, when you say 'My hearts acting funny' they don't mess around.

Not that they shouldn't take it seriously, but I have no idea what caused the anxiety spike in me, just that it spiked and I freaked out after two days of very little sleep, being constantly tired and my heart racing on and off.

So, lesson learned... Although, what to do next I'm not sure.  A call to my doctor today is a big part of it all.  Figuring out how to help my stress levels, another part.  I don't want stress to break my body any more than it already has.

Kristy C