Wednesday, October 15

Things I liked, Killed or Canceled...

Its happened for years now.

I like a character, that character is killed off in the TV Show.  Often doing something really stupid that bugs me.  I recall one time where the guy saved another character who I disliked immensely.

Books I've liked have also received bad reviews, while I personally loved them.  It hurts to see others rip apart a story I thought was enjoyable.  Not amazing, but for what it was... Good.  Interestingly enough, I tend to leave better reviews for those, in a hope to counterbalance the negative.  Not nicer, but with a higher number of stars than I might have before.

Now, it seems to be happening in TV Shows.  Last season, I ADORED The Crazy Ones with Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Geller.  I saw a lot of reviews for it that commented on how Robin was 'demeaning himself by returning to TV and falling back on old tricks.'  I wondered if they had an inside line to Mr. Williams, to see if perhaps he liked the return to his roots?  I didn't see it like others did.  The humor was intelligent, the cast worked well together and the stories engaging.

It broke my heart to see the show canceled.  More so some months later when I wondered if it might have played a small part in why Robin Williams was depressed.  Fans who disliked a show, and a Station that listened.

Now, oddly back on CBS, there's another show.  Scorpions.  Its supposedly based on Real Life, which I kinda doubt.  But it is enjoyable.  The third episode had the most 'unbelievable' elements to it, with the obvious 'hero' quality given to the character who is 'based' on the associate producer, whose life the show is based on.

Anywho, that's my little rant for today.  Drives me batty how often things I love are killed, badly reviewed or canceled.

Kristy C