Monday, October 20

Guest Post - Kristine Hall-Garcia of Meditations on Art

Hi everyone! My name is Kristine Hall-Garcia. I am a writer, and the creator of Meditations on Art, a website for creatives. I’m excited to have been invited as a guest on Kristy’s blog. She asked me to tell you a little bit about myself and my new blog.

As my first novel is nearing completion, I knew I needed to start thinking about building an author platform. That’s a difficult task for an introvert who hates talking about herself. Being a writer, one might think that I would at least enjoy talking about writing, but I don’t. The idea of starting a blog about writing sounded like something I would quickly tire of.

One thing I do love though, is art in all of its various forms. I love music, painting, dancing, film, crafts, sculpture, photography, etc. Art excites me. I love being exposed to new art and artists, and I never tire of seeking them out.

I find that as a writer, I am often influenced by other art forms. A Tori Amos song, for instance, inspired my novel. I wrote a horror story that was inspired by a P.J. Harvey song, and I know musicians who wrote songs that were inspired by famous paintings. I think all artists are inspired by other forms of art.

What I wanted to do was create a space online that would bring artists of all forms together, under one virtual roof. While I definitely consider literature art, writing is really more of a craft. It doesn’t always feel magical and exciting. In fact, a lot of times it just feels like work. I find that I need constant inspiration and motivation to put in my work everyday.

And that is what Meditations on Art is about, bringing inspiration and motivation to creatives. Every month I feature a new artist who shares insights into their creative process, the highs and lows of their career, and of course, their art.

You won’t find any Stephen Kings or Taylor Swifts on my site. Meditations on Art is for the struggling artists. The ones who haven’t made it big, might never make it big, but do it anyway because they love it. My hope is that you will find a future King or Swift on my site, though. If you are an artist, or just someone who likes art, come check us out!

Kristy is my feature artist for November. And the rest of the line-up thus far looks great! Thank you for hearing me out, and I hope you will come visit me by clicking here: