Monday, October 13

Drama Rama

In my day to day life, I try my hardest to avoid getting in the middle of drama and to avoid drama queens.  Its impossible to always avoid them, but I do try.

Lately however, there's been some drama in a local community I'm a member of and its kinda annoying. As is typical, I've got friends on both sides of the line, and I think there's more than just two of them out there.

What I think bothers me the most, is that a few weeks ago when everything came to a head, one of those people seemed rather understanding and not that upset.

Now, a little over a month later, they're bitchy and very upset over everything and to the point of ignoring evidence that others aren't avoiding things, but have other plans.  Just because amends have been made, doesn't mean that it'll all be fixed with an 'I'm sorry and things are changing.'

It takes time to heal the wounds that have festered for some time now.  During the time of pain, people often pull away to wait things out.  Some of us are watching through the changes, others are going to watch from the sidelines.  Both are valid standpoints, but you have to just keep plodding along as best you can on either side.

What's hard, is that none of this takes into account that sometimes people make other plants and there's nothing you can do about it.  Anniversaries, vacations, class schedules, work... All of those things can cause you to not go for a few weeks.  For heavens sake, I've missed quite a few shows in Sept, due to other events.  No one complained about me [I don't think].  Is it just because I told them I'd be gone?

Sometimes, things happen and we all just have to realize that.  Its not easy to do, but we have too.

Kristy C