Tuesday, September 9

Dancing In The Car...

And why you should do it more often.

I ADORE listening to music while I'm in the car.  I love it so much, that I always push to make sure I can plug my iPhone or an iPad in so I can listen to what I wanna listen too... Not stuck flipping through the radio trying to find SOMETHING worth listening too.

One of the main reasons I love music, is because after a long day it helps keep me awake.  Or energized.  When I was pulled over last week I had to flip to a song that would get me away from being angry or upset and let me focus instead on something else.  Sometimes they'll even inspire me to write something.  In fact, one song inspired this and another post yesterday while I was heading over to a friends place.

By focusing on the music, or book sometimes, I'm able to not get as angry at the other drivers out there.  Those who drive too fast or too slow, or just act annoying in general.  I see it, but there's something there to distract me from screaming and just getting upset over something I can't do anything about.

However, the best reason is that I get to dance.  And not feel on display like I do on a dance floor.

There are rules for dancing in the car...

1, don't use your feet.  Unless you're in a place where you're able to keep time with the music for a bit and jerk the car about [my mom used to do it sometimes.  Its fun.] don't do it.  You'll be more likely to wreck.

2, keep yourself aware of the world around you.  I remember a few years ago I was driving to work and texting on my blackberry I think it was... And when I wasn't doing that, I was dancing.  It was the dancing that nearly had me driving into a ditch.

3, be aware of the people in the car with you.  While sometimes its a blast to throw out your arms and whack the person next to you, make sure they're ok with it first.

Other than that, have fun and don't care what other think.  Who knows, it make help make your drive a little better.  I know it always makes mine better.

Kristy C