Monday, September 15

Baby shower Funs

So, yesterday was my best friend of 20 year's baby shower.

She let me theme it with Mustaches.  :D

And then, her hubbies BFF did the BBQ.  We had a few games, two of which kinda bombed [one because we didn't understand how to work it, and the other because like a dork, I had my father print out the bingo cards, only to not realize they were the same freaking card.]

We talked, we ate, we played the games, we talked more, I was kidnapped by her 'boarder' to listen to music... Then after all the guests had left [I'm like family, I'm not a guest] we watched the muppet movie, Muppets Most Wanted.

All in all, it was a great day.  I personally enjoyed several chats with the other guests, and the whole 'What I Wish For The Baby' thing.

You get a piece of paper with a list of things on it.  Each one is a different 'I wish....' and then you put what you wish for him.  Like, I wished that he grows up to be someone he respects.  And I wish he gets a million books.

I had fun and I wish pretty much everything that got written down on the papers to my nephew.

Kristy C