Thursday, October 13

Flash Fiction: Start Living Again

This is a blurb I wrote about an OC of mine, Ezio.  There's more infos on him at my dA, 

Chloe had told him it might help, and while Ezio really wasn't all that sure... He headed into the store anyway.  Looking around, a flood of memories started to wash over him as he thought of those two little blond girls that had ruled his heart for so long.  A smile came to his lips as he moved through the store and noticed all the things they had loved and enjoyed.  Both had managed to be fairly girly, if in slightly different ways. 

Maria... She had loved not just fashion, Barbie’s and the like, but had adored coloring and creating.  At 18, she'd still had the Barbie’s, but used them to sew her own miniature designs and style them.  He'd been helping her with sketching out clothes and her own fashions.  She'd actually dreamed of becoming a fashion designer.  Standing in the middle of the Barbie aisle, he picked up an outfit she would have loved.

At the end of the aisle, the young man stopped and stared as something caught his eye and he moved toward it.  Mariah on the other hand... Her wave of creativeness had from nature and all things flowers.  While still managing to be insanely girly, she'd simply loved to be out in the garden, planting and growing.  Then, after they'd blossomed, at 16, she would carefully prune them and make some amazing flower arrangements.  Arrangements that he could still at times, see in his mind’s eye.  Ezio picked up the children’s 'flower' kit and smiled at it.

Starting back toward the front, the black haired man stopped once to pick up a gift bag and tissue paper, before paying for it.

Little over an hour later, he smiled as the bag was handed over to a worker for the Christmas Wish group.  Somehow, it had actually been helpful.  "Should have known better then to doubt Chloe."  He mumbled to himself, before heading out into the cold Chicago weather and slipping on his bike, ready to start home.

Maybe, it was time to really figure out how to start living in the present.