Wednesday, March 18

Sucked into another world....

I've recently become refascinated by Pokemon.

Yeah, it might seem a bit silly, but its the truth.  It started when I was able to play FireRed again, and turned out to be better at it than I used to be.  :D

Then I said 'I wanna watch Pokemon' so, to netflix [and then streaming sites] I went.

THEN, I researched weird questions like 'Do Jesse and James end up together?'

This lead to...

Me reading the Manga, Pokemon Adventures.


HOLY SHIT, is it a good story. Red is one hell of a trainer. Ash might be 'based' off him, but its poorly based. I mean, no comparison. If anything, its like comparing Harry Potter to Harry Dresden. One wins mostly on dumb luck and the other wins on skill.

If they ever went up against each other, Ash would get his ass kicked.  Nevermind that in the manga, the trainers seem to take as much a beating as the pokemon.

So far, I've read...

  • Arc 1: Red, Blue & Green
  • Arc 2: Yellow
  • Arc 3: Gold, Silver & Crystal
  • Arc 4: Ruby & Sapphire
  • Arc 5: FireRed & LeafGreen
Let me tell you, that's a LOT of stories.  Better yet, they follow a slight formula style, but each one has challenges for the characters to overcome. In other words, THEY GROW UP!!!

Yeah. I know, weird huh?

When reading the third arc, I became so engrossed in it.. That I was up til past 2am reading the over 15 chapters of The Final Battle... Before I finally forced myself to stop reading.

If you're looking to pick it up, do it. Honestly, its a good storyline and sucks you in.

Plus, the pokemon are awesome.

Kristy C