Thursday, September 11

"First Things First"

Until this week, I'd not seen the music video.  It actually made me like the song more.  ^^

What I love most about the song, is that idea of growing up and needing to figure out who and what you are.  But also that its not something we may ever understand.

It began when I learn how to face myself
And I'm still deciding if I'm something else
I'm a million different people all the time
But there's only one of me to get it right

Those words right there, they're the point of the whole song.  Yes, the words 'You are never gonna get | Everything you want in this world | First things first | Get what you deserve' sound a little like getting what you deserve is entitlement, but that doesn't fit with the rest of the song.

Its about getting where you need to go and doing what you need to do.  Taking chances, leaping without looking and finding something you're passionate about and make that what you do for a living.

In the video, you'll see them showing a mixture of on the road, and family life.  Which I think tells of how important both are in your life.

Anywho, not too much of a post today.  I loved the song the first time I heard it and wanted to share it with you.


Kristy C