Wednesday, August 20

Who is this would be somebody?

Since I've edited this page down some, and just started to reshare it, you might like to know who the heck I am.

Well, its fairly simple really and to start, I'm going to share what I posted on my 'About me' page on FB.

I'm a creative who's been lucky to have 2 amazing parents for almost 29 years of my life. My mother passed away in 2011, but I still have a great father.
I'm a Klingon-Hobbit, descendant of the Brandybucks [Meridoc specifically] and ancestor to the house of Mogh [Worf].
I'm a geek, a chick, a sap, a tater and a general weirdo.
I like my life stable, but enjoy the random.
I'm a shy person who can't stand large groups and takes a while to open up... Then you can't shut me up. :D
I adore selling things to people, love designing and creating and hope to have jewelry in a TV Show or Movie and a Book on a best sellers list.
I'm complex, confusing and generally odd.
Mostly, I'm a unique person who deserves to be treated with respect, even if we don't agree.
I am, Kristy.
 That, in a nutshell, is me.  Sure, there's more I could add.  But I think its more fun if you ask me some questions.

So, fire away.

Kristy C