Saturday, August 30

Nothing Much...

To blog about today.  I spent most of yesterday at a gaming session and had fun there.

While the GM and a few of the players were great, a little over 2 actually annoyed the hell outta me.  Unhelpful and at times, almost unsure of why they were there.

Nearly died twice, but the GM saved me by being nice when a few of the battles were brutal.  I guess you could say, he didn't let us die because the campaign was too hard, but if we'd been on par he might have let it go... And the character as well.

I won a book that's not legal in normal game play, but that's ok I'll find away to use it.  ^^  And I won a Boon called 'Ancestral Ally'.  Not one I can use, so I'm gonna see if I can trade it later on.  I was also able to trade my Kickstarter Boon for a Sylph one, which I've wanted for a while now.  :D

Now, I just have to figure out what character to create with her and play the silly thing.  Also need to go through my 30+ characters and pick out which ones I want to work on building up.

All in all, today wasn't all that bad.  Fad fun, played games, hung out with friends... Took a break from life, which I kinda needed.

Game again today, after having tried to get 2 writing sprints under my belt as well.

There was some semi shocking personal news, but I'm not prepared to face it all the way just yet.  I'll post about it in the coming days.

Hope you have a good day!!

Kristy C